Netgear Orbi Login

Netgear Orbi’s settings can be accessed by logging into its admin panel. To log in, you can use either the web URL orbilogin.net or the default gateway IP The IP address is put to use to gain access to the web interface of the Orbi device. However, you can also use the Orbi app on your smartphone.

To log in you ought to be connected to the local network. We shall talk about that in the upcoming sections while discussing the login process.

How to Log in to Orbi Using

  • See to it that the Orbi router is connected to the modem in a secure manner.
  • Next, supply power to the modem and the Orbi router.
  • Connect a computer to the Orbi network.
  • You can use any of the two modes for connection:

i) Wired Mode- In this, you use a LAN (RJ 45) cable to get the computer connected to the router.

ii) Wireless Mode- In this modem, you need to select Orbi’s SSID or the network name from the list of available WiFi networks on your computer. Use the WiFi password to join the network.

Log in to Orbi Using
  • Open a search engine of your choice on the computer now. Consider updating the search engine to the latest software version.
  • In the location bar, type the default IP address and hit enter.
  • The login window of Orbi will come to view.
  • Input the admin username and password in the given fields and click Sign In.

Pro Tip: If Orbi’s admin password has not been changed yet, then use the default password. The information about the default password can be found on a label on the Orbi router. If you have updated the admin password, then use the new password to log in.

You will be successfully logged in to your Orbi. From here, you can tweak the settings of the Orbi system as per your requirements.

Troubleshooting Orbi Login Issues

Even if you are very vigilant and perform all the login steps very carefully, at times you may get stuck while logging in to your Orbi device. We shall help you avoid login problems by providing you with some quick tips. Go through them and apply them. We will also shed light on what you can do in case you can not log in at all.

Tips to Avoid Orbi Login Problems:

  • There should be no typing mistakes in the IP address entrée.
  • Avoid using the search bar of the browser to type the IP address
  • Change firewall settings to allow router connection.
  • Disable VPN if enabled on your computer.
  • Be certain that the computer is connected to the Orbi’s network only.
  • Upgrade the OS of your computer.
  • Get the browser updated.
  • Clear the cache, cookies and browsing history from the browser.
  • Make sure that the Orbi is completely booted up and the power supply to it is consistent.
Tips to Avoid Orbi Login Problems

How to Fix Orbi Login Issues?

In case you can not log in despite applying all the above-given tips. Then use the troubleshooting steps given next:

1. Reboot Orbi

Power off the Netgear Orbi router and remove its power cable from the wall outlet. After some time switch on the Orbi once again and try to log in by connecting the PC to its network.

2. Power Cycle Network

If rebooting only the Orbi did not help, then power cycle the whole network. You should power off the Orbi router and the modem as well. Do not forget to remove the power cables. Plus take out the Ethernet cable from both devices. Let the devices sit idle for some time.

Thereafter, make the connections first and then power up the devices. You need to first turn on the modem and then the router.

Connect the PC to Orbi’s network and log in to the web interface using or the web URL.

3. Reset Orbi

In case nothing helps you to access the Orbi login page and do the login, then reset Orbi to factory settings. Use the instructions as follows to reset Orbi:

  • Disconnect all the devices connected to Orbi.
  • Ensure that it is fully booted up.
  • Push and hold the Reset button on the Orbi using a sharp pointed object.
  • Release the button after 10-15 seconds and the Orbi will be running on the factory settings.

Set up your Orbi once again. You need to log in to the web interface using the default IP address and default password and then execute the setup instructions.

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